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Skipping Rope Wooden Yoga Fitness

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  • Wood Handle With foam
  • Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
  • Single Skip Rope
  • Speed Jumping Skipping Rope Workout Wooden Handle

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  • Jumping is fun, with a Jump Rope made for everyone. Introduces an ideal jump rope suitable for the children and other ages as well playing and sharing together, Height wouldn’t matter because this special jump rope features a length adjustable clip, so there’s no need to cut or cord any longer. So now you all can have a good time skipping and jumping and keeping a count of each jump on the counter attached instantly. It has an adjustable length It has a built-in counter in the handle Its hollow plastic handles have foam grips with ridges, making it more comfortable

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  1. Farah Hashim

    As advertised this is a great jump rope for kids. The diameter of the rope is about 4/5 of a cm, so the thickness makes it a little heavier and slower-moving which is ideal for kids. The wooden handles are well made and smooth, and the cotton rope is soft and well braided. It is easy to adjust by tying knots in the rope and sliding them into the handles. The ends of the rope do need to be sealed or they will fray. Note that because it is cotton it soaks in moisture and dirt very easily if you use it outside. The cotton may wear a little over time, especially where it hits the ground most often, but I’ve had it for a couple months and it has held up pretty well so far.

    Farah Hashim