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Wrist Support Brace Protector Weight Lifting Straps

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weight lifting straps just in case there is anyone who isn’t familiar with straps, they’re used to help you hold the weight in your hands.
You loop one end around your wrists and wrap the other end around the barbell or dumbbells (or whatever else), thus basically attaching the weight to your wrists/hands.

Doing so improves your grip on the weight you’re holding and helps prevent it from sliding out of your hands.
This happens all the time for any number of reasons, the most common of which are a lack of grip strength, sweating, having smaller hands, gripping something with no knurling on the handles, or just overall grip fatigue as you near the later part of a set.

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  • For Power lifting, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting: Ergonomically designed, the Wrist Straps are a superior alternative to Power Hooks or Wrist Wraps since they will help you focus on each exercise without letting your grip-strength become an issue.
  • Take Your Training to an Entirely New Level: With the heavy-duty lifting straps, the Neoprene padded weightlifting straps will not only allow you to lift heavier weights with confidence but also make sure you look good while lifting them
  • One Size Fit Most: Perfect for barbells, dumbbells, dead lifts, rows or pull-ups, the advanced wrist wraps weightlifting will allow you to lift considerably heavier without worrying about injuring your wrists or compromising on comfort.

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  1. Saleh Azeem

    Bought this because my wrists were hurting badly during yoga. It felt strange at first, you have to wrap twice around and play to make comfortable and tight, edges hit against my hands during downward dog and I thought to take them off. Glad I didn’t! When class ended my wrist felt renewed! Been using them a week now and I am so happy with my purchase! I was really hurting before I used this, thought to quit yoga. Great product.. thanks!

    Saleh Azeem